Artisan Made Jewelry Design and Why We Love Doing It

If there is one trend that is absolutely sweeping the fashion world, it is the concept of artisan made jewelry. This unique style of jewelry design doesn't only look great. It simply is of higher quality and has a lot to offer in terms of design and uniqueness. Artisan made products are created completely by hand and are an absolute delight to look at and wear. You'll love the way these pieces find a delicate balance between supreme quality and beautiful design. In the modern fashion world, mass-produced pieces simply cannot hold a light to the handcrafted and lovingly made designs presented by artisan made products.

A common mistake that people make is assuming that an artisan made product has to necessarily look handmade. This connotation was built back when handmade jewelry tended to mean products that weren't nearly as nice as their mass-produced counterparts. Fashion and jewelry designers took this belief and have absolutely crushed it. Now, handmade products are introduced as artisan made, and these products aren't just as good as machine made products, they're better. When you look at our star earrings collection, you'll notice that these products don't look traditionally handmade. We're happy to report that they are. Each pair is created by hand to ensure perfect quality, and we pride ourselves on that fact.

Artisan made products do have a tendency to have a more natural feel to them. In our drop collection, you'll notice a variety of embroidered and woven statement handmade earrings that absolutely show off our artisan made designs in their best light. These tiny works of art are perfect for tying together any outfit, and they allow you to follow this exciting new trend at the same time. Artisan made products are even more special because no two are alike. We haven't stamped these designer statement earrings out on a machine. Every pair was pieced together by hand, which means there are completely custom variations in every design. You're the only one who will ever have the exact pair of earrings that you order, and we think that is pretty cool.

Though we are happy to acknowledge that machine made products are effective when it comes to mass producing designs, we have to admit that we're a little too committed to our craft to work that way. Our jewelry makers love creating these exciting products for you, and we think it is pretty special that they work so hard to make sure that you get a completely original piece of jewelry. This is just one of many ways that we commit to sustainable and honest practices, and we Beads U Workshop best jewelry store truly believe that you will love our work.

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