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Summer is over and its Fall's turn to step into the fashion game. It's that time of the year where trends tend to take a 90º turn and change completely. Some of the biggest differences are colors, patterns and materials, since October is known for its earthly and nude tones and a more sophisticated style in general. Of course, handmade jewellery and accessories in general are included in these changes, because an outfit can't be complete without them. They are a very strong element of identity, as well as an excellent detail for the styles we use every day. In a few words they help define the personal style of the people who wear them.
Over Sized Marine Earrings
In this post we will discuss some of the best jewelry trends for this season, and we will focus on earrings specifically, as well on some handmade techniques. But you may wonder, why a handmade product? A handmade product is composed most of the times of great quality materials, they are unique and are so well received, because they perfectly assume the need for individuality that these elements have, the same individuality that we mentioned before. And not to mention you are supporting a small business instead of a huge corporation.

One of the most attractive and unique technique is Soutache. It owes its name to the rayon cord used in the embroidery of beads and pieces of jewelry to create different crafts and beads. The soutache technique is very old, it was used along with embroidery since the XVIII century, but today is used to decorate high fashion and accessories. Its name is translated from French as braid.
Soutache embroidery consists of sewing with invisible stitches cords holding pieces of jewelry or beads of different colors and sizes. The statement handmade earrings that are made with this technique tend to make a big statement so if you want to be the center of a reunion and get everyone's attention these are a great option. Soutache earrings in burgundy, navy or purple are some options for a fancy party at night.

Another option that I particularly like a lot are earrings with feathers and crystal beads. Mixed with the right element they can be a great aesthetic component. They can be perceived as somewhat extravagant by because of the length  but they are a good option of a night party if you are going for a more vintage and classy style, just make sure to wear a matching dress that is somewhat minimalistic so your feather earrings are the main focus. If you are still not sure about it and you are not a big risk taker, costume parties are around the corner and they can be the perfect occasion to show off your fancy designer statement earrings.

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