The First Stop in becoming a Jewelry Wizard - Russia

Beads U Workshop offers a wide range of options for customers who are looking for excellent quality while having the unique freshness in fine jewelry. Travelled across the world learning over 100,000 styles and techniques. With the combination of different materials, we make jewelry that highlight your unique personality.

Whether it's fun and dorky or alluring and elegant. We cater for all kinds of charms and quirks that you may have.

Allowing you to stand out from the crowd through the vibrant colors and delicate intricacy of our handmade jewellery.
Here's one of the techniques which Beth ( learned throughout her journey:
Soutache Technique
Beth learned the Soutache Technique at Russia. It is also known as Russia braid due to the similarity of Russian national traditional hairstyles as they braided their long hair.
Soutache is a narrow, flat, ornamental braid used to trim garments. It is created by weaving a decorative thread around and between two parallel cords and completely covering the cores, this produces a piece of trim with a braided or herringbone pattern.
It combines different methods such as loops, swirls, and beads to create unique, lightweight earrings. They can also be layered together similar to a lasagna to create vibrant colored jewelry.
We provide a beautiful range of Soutache earrings. Such as Colorful Bird Earrings – Macaw available in four beautiful colors. Green, Red, Black, and Purple. These dazzling Statement handmade earrings highlight your carefree lively personality through vibrant colors and cute animal design.
These earrings are perfectly weighted to make sure that when you wear them, it becomes a part of you due to lightweight materials being used.
You can find more cute varieties of earrings through the luxury drop earrings category in the Earrings section. All these are designed through Soutache technique.
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