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The 1920s were all about going big or going home. The art-deco, Gatsby-esque jewelry is making a comeback, so prepare to see extravagant designs and lots of jewels. If you were on trend during the roaring twenties your ears would be adorned with long ornate drops, juxtaposed against your bare neck. You can never go wrong with dangling earrings in my opinion and Beadsu Workshop has plenty of flapper-style handmade earrings for you to choose from.

Style Ideas…
Whether you are looking for something for everyday wear, or for special occasions, there is a pair of 1920s style earrings for you. Let's start by taking a look at the evening, or special occasion, options. These handmade statement earrings are more in your face glam, rather than understated.

For flapper girls, the evening look was all about the flashy jewels and crystals. The bigger the better.  You wanted to show off your daredevil nature and revel your neck and décolletage to the world, there was no better way to do this than by wearing eye-catching drop earrings. If you want to bring out your inner Mrs. Gatsby, then take a look at these earrings from Beadsu Workshop.

Dangling Crystal Star Earrings
These incredibly red carpet worthy sparkling star earrings are the flapper girl dream. The oversized crystals, created in a beautiful eye-catching star shape, are the perfect accessory for your night out or special occasion.
If you're feeling extra festive, these gorgeous earrings are also available in a dazzling red.

Handmade Earrings

Dangling Crystal Star Earrings

Just because the roaring twenties themed earrings are typically very loud designs, doesn't mean that they don't come in more wearable, every day designs too. The key part of the image is that they are drop, or dangling, earrings. Flapper ladies liked to show off their necks, since short hair was becoming more acceptable. So, if you're looking for a slightly less bedazzling 1920s look, I have just the thing for you…

Bold Flower Drop Earrings These handmade drop earrings are perfect for bringing the roaring twenties to your day to day wardrobe. They still have a bold, jewelled design, but have a more feminine appeal. The drop earrings will turn any outfit you wear back in time. As an extra little bonus, the botanical theme is very much on trend right now, so you can combine the old and new.
Find them here:

Handmade Earrings

Bold Flower Drop Earrings

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